Package Tracking

How to Track Your Courier Online?

The main purpose of this parcel tracking system is to provide customers with information about the package route, delivery status, estimated delivery date, and estimated delivery time.

Delivery Tiger Parcel & Courier Tracking System
  • Bar Code Generation

  • As soon as the product is handed over to a courier company for delivery, a barcode is created and attached for every product. A barcode is a unique ID that contains all the details about a parcel, such as sellers’ details, pick-up and destination details, customer’s details, etc.

  • 0. Scan Bar Code Details

  • The next step is when the item is loaded for delivery, its barcode is scanned by the courier company, and this information is stored on the courier company’s website tracking system.

  • 0. Saving the Scanned Data

  • As soon as the barcode is scanned, all information about the courier is stored on the tracking system, such as when leaving the courier agency (at the seller's location), where it arrived, where it was assigned from, etc.

  • 0. Receipt of Product

  • The shipped item arrives at another branch of the courier company or a hub near the buyer’s location after leaving the courier agency at the seller location.

  • 0. Re-scan the Barcode

  • The courier agency scans the barcode and stores the details of the parcel in the tracing system, which contains information about the time it received after the courier agency has received the product.

  • 0. Out for Delivery

  • At this location of the courier company, the shipped item is scanned again for delivery after it is ready to be shipped. The scanned information is stored in a tracking system, which includes the rest of the courier company’s time to deliver the goods.

  • 0. Product Delivery

  • Once the product is delivered to the end-user or buyer the system is updated with the delivery status of the tracking item. For example, in this case, ‘delivery’, delivery time, recipient name, etc.

Track Your Package Easily on Delivery Tiger

Customers can track and view the speed of the package by entering the barcode number or AWB number on the courier company's website. Barcode status provides a step by step progression to where the product or the parcel is at the moment.

One of the main advantages of the tracking system is that it reduces the package from being lost or transferred incorrectly. Moreover, consumers also have an idea of ​​their products which keeps them stress-free. With billions being sent via package courier, it really helps them track better and avoid losses.