Online Parcel Delivery Service

The Delivery Tiger online courier services have been set up across the capital city to serve e-commerce or online shopping customers in the fastest time. In addition to the well-known courier services that provide services across the country, many courier services have been launched for delivery only in Dhaka.  

Delivery Tiger Courier Service is working in the categories of Delivery on the same day, Delivery on the next day, Express delivery, Emergency Delivery, etc. to deliver the goods-documents, parcels safely to the desired address in a short time, in compliance with the rules and regulations.

Delivery Tiger for Online and Offline Customers

Since Delivery Tiger is a courier service provider, they provide services to online and offline customers alike. After placing an order on the e-Commerce website or marketplace, the biggest responsibility falls on the logistics or supplier, which includes pickup, parcel delivery, fulfillment, home delivery, cash collection, and delivery of the product to the merchant. In that case, the prominent support of Online Parcel Delivery Service is needed.

Key Attributes Of a Good Parcel Delivery Service

There are some key attributes of a good parcel delivery service:

  • Customer’s Satisfaction
    The ultimate goal of a parcel delivery service should be customer satisfaction. So the parcel should be delivered with special care. If any parcel service provider can not satisfy a customer, then no one will again choose that parcel company. So, it is very important to make the customers satisfied.

  • Safety of Parcels
    Ensuring the safety of a parcel is a must thing while delivering a parcel. It is really important for a good delivery service provider to make sure the delivery is in good condition. This decides the good and positive reviews about the parcel companies.

  • Speedy Delivery to the Doorstep
    Speedy delivery is the most important key feature of any parcel delivery company undoubtedly. This is one of the first priorities of a customer. After giving an order, the customers wait eagerly for their parcels. When they get the fastest delivery of their products, they become happy. The same-day or a minimum timeframe of the delivery helps the parcel company to get a good compliment.

  • Minimum Delivery Charge
    The delivery charge of a parcel should not be so high that a customer can’t afford it. It should be an average amount so that anyone can place an order from any buyer.

Advantages of Online Parcel Delivery Service

Delivery Tiger's Online Parcel Delivery Service offers online and non-online customer care with online parcel tracking, return-free support, and parcel delivery to more than 5,000 merchants. Since e-commerce offers both the convenience of the price of the product and the convenience of time in purchasing the product, customers are becoming more and more interested in this service, and the buying and selling through e-commerce are increasing day by day. More logistical support will be required to complete these transactions through the support of the Online Parcel Delivery Service.