Logistics Services

Delivery Tiger provides logistics services support for any business or organization. At present e-commerce transactions, there is no alternative to courier service for fast and safe delivery of required goods or documents from one place to another.

Over time, the interest of many non-government organizations and private courier services has increased day by day with lots of resources. On the one hand, new companies, online platforms, and online courier services are growing through the opportunity of people's interest and dependence.

In that case, Delivery Tiger is one of the leading e-commerce courier companies in Bangladesh. The courier service has some features that are listed in the Logistics services. Our motive is to provide safe and swift logistics service with minimum cost to their clients so that they can build their competitive advantage in their supply chain regulations.

Delivery Tiger as a logistics solution provider. We provide doorstep delivery service at the union level all over Bangladesh. Since we started our operations in 2019, we are currently providing the most cash-on-delivery and e-commerce services as logistical support. Also provides efficient transportation and freight management service to our customers on time and within budget.

The management of courier delivery in Dhaka for only 25 takas has added a different dimension for the Delivery Tiger service provider in Bangladesh. Using technology, Bangladesh, like many other countries in the world, has made arrangements for online market shopping. It has made it easier to meet people's needs by creating opportunities to buy products at home.

The e-commerce business, which has grown around the younger generation, has become more and more popular with shoppers of all ages. Instead of going to the shopping mall to shop, many people are now feeling comfortable collecting or purchasing their essential products at home. And this is the main reason why the home delivery system of courier service is one of the efficient logistics for Delivery Tiger.

Local courier services can be delivered to any place in Bangladesh.  Delivery Tiger as a local courier service company operates in a specific city or district and delivers packages. There are local courier services that require the delivery of documents and packages to other locations in the city on the same day.

A number of online parcel delivery services have been set up across the capital city to serve e-commerce or online shopping customers in the fastest time. Delivery Tiger Courier Service is working in the categories of Delivery on the same day, Delivery on the next day, Express delivery, Emergency Delivery, etc. to deliver the goods-documents, parcels safely to the desired address in a short time, in compliance with the rules and regulations.

Efficient transportation in e-commerce courier services logistics are another concept of the Delivery Tiger provider. Once you place the order at home, it will reach the buyer in a day or two or highest in four. The buyer does not have to worry about anything. Our entire operation has been made with the latest technology.

We give the scan and parcel tracking systems movement of our package through the 100% field force tracking apps. As a service provider, We are constantly solving the problems of logistics through new steps. All our efforts are for the sole purpose of facilitating e-commerce sites in a  more transparent and meaningful way.